Jordon H

Jordon Hull is a Co-Owner/Founder of Artistic Muscle. Jordon grew up living a very active lifestyle, playing basketball, football and running track. His passion for fitness started in his college years while playing intramural sports in an attempt to stay fit. After graduation he moved to Nashville, TN and found crossfit which was the perfect blend for his level of competitiveness and fitness experience. Jordon quickly realized that he had a talent for going the distance during the crossfit workouts or "Wods" as he competed in several competitions along the east coast and overseas. Jordon has since transitioned his focus to weightlifting and HIIT training to gain strength and maintain his endurance.


An IT Project Manager by day, Jordon is a regular at his home gym and is known for pushing others through any workout. He wants to make an appearance on the stage of the crossfit games one day and take the next step to win his IFBB pro card.


Joshua G

Joshua Goforth is the Co-Owner/Founder of Artistic Muscle. Throughout his life he has always enjoyed all aspects of human health, performance and self expression through the art of painting and bodybuilding. Joshua is an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle which served him well as he began professional training as a certified wellness coach specializing in health principles and strength and conditioning. As he helped his community, clients and friends adopt the healthy lifestyle, he sought out to purse bodybuilding which really exemplifies the values of healthy living. Joshua views the body as a blank canvas and with time can be shaped molded and enhanced into a masterpiece.


He lives life by that motto and reminds himself of that each time he trains. Joshua is now a Nationally Qualified Men's physique fitness competitor placing 3rd at the NPC Junior Nationals 2017.



Mary Vee

Mary grew up dabbing in different sports including soccer and martial arts.  It wasn't until recently that she found her passion in boxing, which helped her make a complete lifestyle change to a more healthy, active wellbeing. Boxing along with a cleaner diet helped with conditioning, which lead to her next path: bodybuilding.  Six months after she began weightlifting, Mary competed in her first bodybuilding show and placed first in her class.  With only herself as her competition, she is currently working towards her pro card.

Mary has a background of interior design, construction project management, and facilities management.  Her love however is embodying a healthy lifestyle, being known to push others to do the same.  She works with clients who wish to better their diet by providing Meal prep Service.  Remaining driven and focused can be difficult, and being able to motivate others motivates her.

Terrence B

Terrence Banks is a Memphis native but since 2008 has lived in Chattanooga where he received his B.S. in Exercise Science Applied.  Terrence is heavily involved in exercising and competitive physical activities. On the recreational side he has played soccer for the past 3 years and on the competitive side he has completed several 5k races, a Half-marathon, Sprint Triathlon, and bouldering competition all in the past year. Next on his to do list is a Sprint Spartan race, a half-Marathon, and Super Spartan race all in the same calendar year. Underneath the surface of this seemingly intense individual is a passionate heart that works tirelessly as an Admissions Counselor by day  at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Never diverting from his life goals of becoming a Chancellor of UTC and completing an Olympic Distance Triathlon, Terrence still enjoys the simpler things life has to offer such as friends, family, and fun.